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Posted by on Feb 8, 2013 in internet talk radio, Radio Show, talk time with trish, Trish Forante and Lisa Stewart, voiceamerica health | 0 comments

Let Go, Forgive, and Let God: Your Life Depends on It! Part 2

Dr. Lisa Stewart and Christine Kadin, LMHC, CAP, LPC, Licensed Psychotherapist, and Spiritual Healer, discuss the extraordinary benefits of forgiveness.
While most of us believe that forgiving others is a sign of weakness, the presenter affirms that forgiveness is, in fact, a gift to the self, and to the world.
The first part of the interview helps us understand what forgiveness is, what it is not, and what obstacles we must overcome in order to forgive. We also learned about the wonderful benefits of forgiving.
The second interview deals with advanced forgiveness, and how to not only heal the self, but heal the world…
With advanced forgiveness, we can heal our spouses, our children, our families!!!
We can also heal the world…The world around us… Our bossy bosses, and nasty neighbors, and more.
Listeners will be able to learn advanced forgiveness, as they practice a “releasing and loving” meditation.

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