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Keeping Love Alive at Any Age

1 Lessons in $30.00

The divorce rate is staggering. For those who stay in their relationships, many say they're miserable. But it doesn't have to be that way. Dr. Virginia Crist believes the "honeymoon period" doesn't have to end. Dr. Crist talks to Lisa Stewart about people who want to love and be loved. Based on 28 years of experience, make sure to listen her 5 Tips for Loving Couples! Dr. Virginia Crist, Ph.D., LMFT, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice. She sees individuals and couples who are motivated to have happier lives. She conducted the very first research in the United States on romantic love.

Learning the Other’s Language

1 Lessons in $30.00

Dr. Trish Forante and Dr. Lisa Stewart discuss some of the major challenges that men and women in romantic relationships frequently encounter when attempting to communicate. What makes relationships such hard work? Do men and women essentially speak different languages? Is there any hope that we might learn to understand each other? Listen in as we discuss the sources of many of our conflicts along with some practical tools to help us work toward resolving them. Dr. Stewart will share some of her advice and the effective communication techniques that many of her own clients have practiced and used over the years to help maintain healthy and happy relationships.

Unspoken Language of Men

1 Lessons in $30.00

Males have been raised to perform and not express emotions. Consequently, their thoughts have gone unheard. “Unspoken Language,” is a story of the social, psychological, as well as anthropological history of male behavior, personality and expression of emotion. Trish Forante talks to its author, Dr. Ron Mercer, co-director of The Center for Creative Living, about how men are governed by ancient predispositions and how it impacts their lives and relationships today.

Choosing to Heal and Grow Through Loss

1 Lessons in $10.00

Loss is part of living. The death of a loved one (pets included), the unexpected change in health, professional or personal relationship...will change life as it previously existed. After a loss, it is essential to rebalance and renew life. One does not simply “get over it”. During this episode, John Reininger will talk about how to heal and grow by integrating the loss into a personal life story.