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Are relationships becoming disposable?

What destruction is left in its wake? How many people feel that it is true devastation? How far do we go when we are ready to give up on relationships with our spouse, family, friends and peers? Do we just dispose, discard or throw them out without realizing the consequences of our actions?  Do the affects keep “haunting our daily thoughts” and influence all areas of our lives? This is not to mention how everyone around us is truly affected? What about the children that don’t comprehend life as we do? Are we not responsible to guide them? OR Do we teach them that when problems arise, we are to solve them by “disposing” of them? Are we teaching our children to quit?  Does the law want us to become liars because society feels the need to be politically correct?  Why is it that we are not expected, instead, to be good, honest communicators who act in a responsible way? Why don’t we communicate effectively anymore? Are we blindsided as a result?

What makes us a disposable society?

Take this journey with me…